Artificial intelligence arrives in the Microsoft Store on Windows


Artificial intelligence is coming to the Microsoft Store on Windows. Microsoft has unveiled several new upcoming features.

Microsoft It unveiled some of its plans for artificial intelligence (AI) during its Build conference last night. In short, all aspects of the American giant’s business will be affected by artificial intelligence. In addition to introducing Copilot in Windows 11 and Edge, the company provided some details about its arrival in its Store, starting with the new AI Hub.

Artificial intelligence arrives in the Microsoft Store on Windows

The latter will be “a new section of the Microsoft Store where we’ll highlight the best AI experiences built by the developer community and Microsoft,” the company explained in a press release. The giant will use the field to “educate customers on how to get started and move forward on their AI journey, showing them to use AI in their day-to-day operations to improve their productivity, increase their creativity, and whatever else.” Examples include apps like Luminar Neo, Descript, Podcastle,, Kickresume,, and other services that allow users to use artificial intelligence to create content.

The store will also display AI-generated summaries that take into account app and game user feedback to provide a brief overview. Thus, users will not have to browse through the “thousands of reviews” that most popular apps can have.

If you’re using the Windows Insider Program, you’ll be able to test a new beta feature that will restore your Store app icons when you switch to a new Windows 11 device. This will work if you’re moving from Windows 10 or 11 devices. And during setup, the Store app icons will be “automatically restored to exactly where they were—in the Start menu and taskbar.”

Microsoft has unveiled many new things to come

Developers will also get AI help, such as automatically generated keywords and suggested search tags in the Partner Center. These features will use AI to “analyze metadata, along with other signals, and help improve your app’s ranking in Microsoft Store search results.” The company also adds the ability to include your application in several categories.

Microsoft Store advertising is also expanding. First, it will appear in search results on Bing next month. Thus, people who use their browser to search for something will also have relevant app suggestions. Next month, those ads will arrive outside the US, in 150 countries. Developers will also have the ability to display rich content in the highlight section of the store.

Most of the announced consumer features of the Microsoft Store will be available “soon,” with no further details at this time. In any case, it is now clear that the American giant intends to introduce artificial intelligence everywhere, in all its business divisions and all its products.

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