Experts, including the creator of ChatGPT, warn of the dangers of artificial intelligence against humanity


Expert alerts about the dangers of artificial intelligence (AI) have multiplied in recent months. Including the big names that allowed it to appear. The latest alert to date, is a warning to a group of business leaders and experts, including Sam Altman, founder of ChatGPT, and Jeffrey Hinton, considered one of the founding fathers of artificial intelligence.

According to them, it should be the fight against the risks associated with artificial intelligence “a global priority along with other risks at the community level, such as pandemics and nuclear war,” They wrote on the website of the Center for Artificial Intelligence Security, a US-based nonprofit. Thus, the signatories to the “extinction” threats to humanity caused by the rise of artificial intelligence.

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The big names in AI are ramping up alerts

The increasingly rapid spread of artificial intelligence ” General “, It has human cognitive capabilities, and thus potentially disrupts many professions, is marked by OpenAI’s launch in March of GPT-4, a new, more powerful version of ChatGPT, open to the general public at the end of 2022.

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Faced with this acceleration in artificial intelligence, the big names are warning of its dangers. For Geoffrey Hinton, advances in the AI ​​sector are the drivers “grave dangers to society and humanity”, was estimated at The New York Times. This is why he left his position at giant Google in early May, which also recently presented its plans to integrate generative artificial intelligence into its search engine.

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In March, it was billionaire Elon Musk — a co-founder of OpenAI who later left its board of directors — and hundreds of global experts called for a six-month break from research into powerful AI systems. “Great dangers to humanity.”

Call to organize

Sam Altman also issues warnings on a regular basis, fearing that an AI might do so “cause great harm to the world”, By manipulating elections or disrupting the labor market.

Since mid-May, the head of OpenAI has been traveling around the world reassuring AI and calling for regulations. Because regulations are not only a necessary evil to the sector, but also an economic opportunity.

“Everyone has an interest in the rapid implementation of uniform regulations on a global scale, led by the United States, including for AI companies. In the absence of such regulations, it is already likely that each country, or even each region, will play with its own rules in its corner.” private, which will force the AI ​​companies of tomorrow to train an infinite number of different models to abide by the privacy of each local law. A nightmare”. Considered artificial intelligence expert Gary Marcus.

The European Union wants to regulate artificial intelligence, and ChatGPT is on the horizon

Beware, however, that these regulations are not very restrictive. Sam Altman privately warns that OpenAI can “stop working” In the European Union if the future European regulation imposes too many restrictions on it. Last week in Paris, he discussed with President Emmanuel Macron how to find “The right balance between protection and positive impact” from this technology.

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