Lighthouse Labs is launching a new initiative to advance ICT, funded by the Government of Canada’s Sector Workforce Solutions programme


The program will equip more than 1,700 people with the skills to thrive in the ICT sector.

Toronto, February 24, 2023–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Lighthouse Labs, a leader in technology education, today announced a new initiative called ICT Boost. This project is funded in part by the Government of Canada’s Sector Workforce Solutions Program (SWP). To make the ICT Boost program a reality, Lighthouse Labs will receive just over $21.2 million to lead a group of partner post-secondary institutions, as well as industry and community organizations.

The ICT boost is part of the Canadian government’s investment to support demand-side solutions for sectors hardest hit by the pandemic and those critical to economic recovery. PSMS funding will support equity-deserving communities that have faced significant systemic inequality or other barriers to full and equal participation in the labor market.

“Lighthouse Labs is providing much-needed targeted support to Canadians across the country who have faced barriers to entering the workforce. The training, mentoring and placement services offered by ICT Boost will help Canadians secure quality jobs in the growing technology sector. Through the Sector Workforce Solutions programme, we support organizations like Lighthouse Labs in their efforts to provide people with the skills they need to find work and succeed in key sectors, such as information and technology,” said Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Disability Inclusion, Carla Caltro.

Through ICT Boost technology, participants will have access to several Lighthouse Labs programs, including web development, data science, and cybersecurity. ICT Boost will also provide post-program support through the Lighthouse Labs mentorship system, soft and soft skills training, technology grants, and career services.

Promoting ICT will build an ecosystem of opportunities in the ICT sector. To achieve this, Lighthouse Labs will collaborate with more than 36 organizations and select higher education partners across Canada, including McMaster University, University of the Arts Alberta, Saskatchewan Polytechnic, Mohawk College, University of Guelph, NorQuest College, Manitoba Institute of Technology, and the University of Victoria. These organizations have built trusting and direct relationships with people from minority groups to provide comprehensive training and support to participants so that they can enter the ICT sector with confidence.

The technology sector fuels the Canadian economy and it is imperative that we match the rapid growth of the market with future-oriented training opportunities. No one would be surprised that there are barriers to access to the tech sector, which creates an ecosystem that doesn’t reflect Canada’s population, says Jeremy Schacke, president of Lighthouse Labs. At Lighthouse Labs, we want to make sure everyone is well represented in designing and building solutions for an increasingly scalable future. Avec the soutien du gouvernement of Canada, ICT Boost travaillera de concert with our partenaires to offfrir une formation in vue d’acquerir les compétences necessaires for intégrer the marché du travail et donner aux étudiant es les moyens de tirer parti de ce secteur en plein Starting. »

Lighthouse Labs will work with industry and community partners to enhance ICT for its wide network of employers, as well as provide diversity and inclusion training. The organization will also mobilize partners with various intermediaries to promote the employment of ICT graduates and support them successfully in their new roles.

ICT has already partnered with at least eight post-secondary institutions and 18 non-profit organizations. The program will run through March 2024. For more information about the Boost program, please visit:

About ICT Boost

Across Canada, skilled labor is in demand in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector. Changes in technology provide opportunities for everyone. ICT Boost provides skills training and equips people from disadvantaged backgrounds in Canada, who face further barriers, with the means to access a career in the ICT sector. To bring the ICT Enhancement Program to life, Lighthouse Labs, a leader in technology training, will lead a consortium of partner post-secondary institutions, as well as industry and community organizations. The program will equip more than 1,700 people with the skills to thrive in the ICT sector.

The ICT Boost initiative is funded by the Canadian Government Sector Workforce Solutions Program (SWP).

About Lighthouse Labs

Lighthouse Labs was launched in 2013 with the mission of finding innovative ways to train the next generation of tech talent. In an age where technological disruption affects all sectors, our mission is to provide our students with the skills they need to access sustainable jobs within the digital workforce. Eight years later, we’ve delivered hands-on technology training to more than 40,000 students, equipping them with the relevant tools to thrive in the job market of the future. With a unique approach to education and the support of an amazing team of coaches and mentors, we continue to empower students and launch careers.

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