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BOOSTHEAT, a French industrial company in the field of energy efficiency, has announced the launch of Caliper, the first demonstrator of the IoT Edge1 solution dedicated to improving the energy efficiency of products.

With Caliper, industrial companies now have the opportunity to access a new IoT Edge software solution that allows them to improve the performance of their products and maintenance operations, while reducing costs and deploying more efficient solutions. To this end, Caliper, its first technical presentation, was specifically designed to highlight this innovative solution in its first application case: optimization of energy consumption.

In a context where energy management is of critical importance, it is essential for manufacturers to better control the energy consumption of their product. From this perspective, Caliper, a technology demonstrator, plays a role in providing realistic and efficient assistance for the acquisition, visualization and interpretation of data from energy systems.

The caliper is positioned as a tailor-made solution that allows manufacturers to ensure energy efficiency in their machine assemblies. The device includes a box specifically designed for acquiring and transforming data from machines or industrial products, a powerful local computation unit (edge ​​computing) as well as a touch screen that serves as the user interface.

Combined with energy sensors such as electricity, gas and heat in particular, the caliper analyzes in detail the energy consumption and production profile of the machine. This solution aims to support manufacturers in improving or demonstrating the efficiency of their devices in terms of power management.

By harnessing local computing power, Caliper enriches the observed system data. Acquisition properties such as sampling, storage time, conversion, and correlation are determined based on user needs. Once the data is enriched, it becomes available for viewing via the user interface and can, if required, be sent to the cloud to allow interconnection of a central system in the company. This independence from remote processing, combined with storage capacity, allows Caliper to operate off the network for long acquisition periods and to improve the cost and integrity of data acquisition.

Caliper’s intuitive user interface aims to make critical information accessible from the monitored system, presenting a series of customized graphs generated through a low-code approach. This allows power professionals without specific IT development knowledge to be the innovators of their own solutions without going through a design office or software development team.

Data is stored locally for a period defined by the user. The existing graphic library makes it possible to adapt the screen for quick reading, thus meeting the specific needs of each user. This technology demonstration represents an important step forward for the BOOSTHEAT teams in improving their future products. By more precisely controlling energy consumption and improving the energy efficiency of their machines, manufacturers will be able to achieve significant savings and contribute to preserving the environment.

This solution can be made available to manufacturers from the second half of 2023 and respond to several existing energy optimization use cases in the manufacturing, construction, transportation, food, energy, health and agriculture sectors. “BOOSTHEAT is proud to present Caliper, a technology showcase showcasing our IoT Edge software solution,” said Hugo Bruguiere, CEO of BOOSTHEAT. We developed this solution to meet the needs of manufacturers in terms of improving performance, reducing costs and deploying more efficient products. Caliper demonstrates the importance of controlling energy consumption and highlights the advantages of our software solution in this critical area. »

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Founded in 2011, BOOSTHEAT is a player in the energy efficiency sector. The company’s mission is to accelerate the environmental transition by integrating its technology into energy-intensive applications. BOOSTHEAT has designed and developed a thermal compressor that is protected by 7 families of patents allowing a significant optimization of energy consumption to go towards reasonable and appropriate use of resources. The company is listed on Euronext Growth in Paris (ISIN: FR0011814938).

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