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Specializing in the production and distribution of auto parts, EFI Automotive Service teams bring their expertise to numerous customers located in the four corners of the world. The company also has a high level of knowledge in terms of manufacturing innovative projects.

Experience servicing independent aftermarket players

EFI Automotive Service is a subsidiary of the EFI Automotive Group, which itself specializes in the manufacture of sensors and actuators for several vehicle manufacturers. Founded in the Grand-Est district of Joinville (Haute-Marne), EFI Automotive Service currently has approximately 90 employees, 60% of whom are women, and an annual turnover of between 18 and 20 million euros.

With more than 6,500 references in its catalog for engine ignition, control, management and performance, the company now appears as the first choice for contact in its field of activity. More than sixty years after its inception, its Bougicor brand of ignition coils and belts is known all over the world.

“We are now the last manufacturer of ignition coils to be located in France. This allows us to guarantee our customers high quality products with real business experience!” Con des Coraline Fournier, Director of Communications for EFI Automotive Service.

Innovation is at the heart of the industrial process

Since 2018, EFI Automotive Service teams have been working daily with startups and companies that want to industrialize their innovative projects. Industry knowledge from automotive quality standards allows teams to bring their industrial skills to bear in other areas, such as robotics, the smart city, or even luxury.

Through its two activities, the goal of the EFI Automotive Service is to respond to the challenges associated with the energy transition and digital transformation, by meeting new market demands, in particular around the electrification of vehicles.

Today the subsidiary also stands out thanks to its efficient supply chain, which exports more than 1.5 million items every year to 350 points of sale spread over 4 continents.

Through this innovative work, EFI Automotive Service is now able to support auto parts distribution networks in their environmental transition work by providing them with high quality parts, thus improving the life of vehicles, as well as their carbon footprint. Thanks to this technological change launched several years ago, the French company now appears as a point of reference for many French and international manufacturers.

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